Higher Ed

Seton Hill University
100 Years Forward
Production Stats & Video Credits
Video Length: 3:40
Director: Michael Wertz
Editor: Mike Kadrie
Writer: Dan Ayer
Production Manager: Dan Filipek
Art Direction: Dan Brettholle
Director of Photography: Jeff Garton
Production Notes

One of our favorite places to shoot video – a university campus. For this production we shot two days on the SHU campus with two camera crews and two light portable dollies. Once on a location, we would work with the student talent and capture the scheduled shots. However, some of the best images are never planned and present themselves at just the right moment. On every video production, we are always prepared to go off “script” and switch gears at the drop of a hat. This video is a great example of doing just that – thinking on our feet, staying poised and making creative decisions on the fly.