Our Video Crew

Michael Wertz

Owner, Chief Creative Officer
Strategy, ideation, writer and executive producer.  On-set and post-production video director. michaelwertz@appleboxstudios.com Ext. 1001

Jessica Joseph

Graphic Designer
Provide early design comps for titles, lower-thirds, graphic overlays, iconography, layered elements and video transition. Video stock image search and support for editors. Jessica@appleboxstudios.com Ext: 1008

Michael M. Kadrie

VP, Digital Media / Editor / Motion Graphics Guru
Specializes in video editing, motion graphics and animation as well as story and script development. michaelkadrie@appleboxstudios.com Ext. 1005

Amanda Giamalis

Copywriter and Content Specialist
Award-winning writer experienced in all scripting formats including TV commercial, radio, social media videos, event kickoffs, brand anthems and executive communications. amanda@appleboxstudios.com

Laura Puntil

Senior Account Executive
Provides business management and operational support for all video projects from concept to delivery, oversees scripting, pre-production, casting, crewing, shooting and post-production activities. Responsible for client satisfaction. laurapuntil@appleboxstudios.com

Tim Blair

Account Manager
Manages client experience and quality assurance for all video production projects. Oversees video resources, scheduling, assignments and traffic. Coordinates with freelance talent to deliver projects on time and on budget. timblair@appleboxstudios.com

Ed DeArmitt

Video Editor/Cameraman
Video editing of all formats including TV commercial, long-form, social media videos and event videos. Motion graphics designer. Video camera man and audio technician. eddearmitt@appleboxstudios.com