Benefits of Video on the Web

Online video content has become a standard for business promotion, the sharing of knowledge, and a platform for instantaneous communication. As social media continues to rise, we continue to see increasing usage as well as the increasing benefits of video content on the web. Small businesses, large corporations, bloggers, and individuals of all ages have been progressively incorporating this approach and utilizing a digital marketing strategy within the past few years. You never know when your web video could be the next big hit sensation!


  • Social media provides many different channels to reach target audience.
  • Higher Google ranking
  • Engaging audience longer
  • Comments on video increases user interaction
  • Shares on social media increases reach
  • Easy distribution and quick delivery of message
  • Drives people to your website
  • More accessible and stimulate viewers
  • Increased amount of content in video
  • More affordable as production costs decrease
  • More suitable to explain complex ideas or information
  • Innovative technology allows for cheaper video production
  • Videos get more exposure over time, rather than dying out ads

Video Statistics

  • Videos have a higher priority on search engines making it 50x easier to have a first page ranking on Google. – Forrester
  • 62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that published a poor quality video. – Brightcove
  • 62% of viewers tend to have a negative outlook on a brand that advertises with a poorly made video – Brightcove
  • 4x as many consumers prefer to watch a video of a product over reading about it. – eMarketer
  • Videos increase organic traffic by 157% from various search engines. – Brightcove

As these benefits and statistics show, incorporating online video content will undoubtedly stimulate positive results for your company’s marketing strategy and promotion. Although initiating the process of creating a professional video may seem daunting at first, it’s clear that your time and efforts will be rewarded with succeeding, constructive results. Companies all over Pittsburgh, including Apple Box Studios, have implemented online video content through their web pages and through social media, and are acquiring the many benefits that coincide. Make your business go viral; create the next big hit sensation today.