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Our Top 10 Mistakes in Video Production

1. Not taking enough time to prepare
Failing to plan is planning to fail in video production. It is very important to leave enough time to be well prepared for producing your video. Especially in script writing, you need to have enough time to write a well thought out script, while also keeping in mind who your audience is and what visions you wish to portray through your works. Scout your video production set ahead of time and reach out to your talent so that you are organized and well prepared for the day of the shoot. Failing to prepare can lead to chaos on set and potentially extended shooting time. When it comes to film and video production, the will to succeed is important—the will to prepare is vital.

2. Having a script that is too technical
Keep in mind when writing your script that you’re trying to get a message across to people who may not know what you’re talking about. Your script should be in terms that the average viewer will understand and be able to connect with. Videos can often be too factual and contain too technical of terms that lose entertainment values—and essentially viewers. You can present a product or service in a fun, enjoyable way while still being informational. Finding a balance between being enjoyable and being factual is the key.

3. TMI!
Are you trying to fit too much information into one video? This could be a reason that you do not have your ideal amount of viewers. Produce videos that are short, sweet, and to the point. Contain a call to action in your video that can guide your viewers to all of the other information that had to be left out. A video should not be used as the only source of information, but should be used as a bridge to continue their interest in your product or service.

4. Selling Points in the wrong places
Having your selling points in the wrong places in your video can be detrimental to the success of your promotion. Selling points are parts of your video that “hook” your viewer and keep them wanting more information. So, if your selling points are all located at the end of your video, then chances are slim that your viewers will ever see them. If nothing keeps them wanting to watch, they will most likely turn off the video before they see what you are trying to communicate. Therefore, introduce your selling points at the beginning and throughout your video in order to secure viewers.

5. Being too promotional
You always try to avoid those people who knock on your front door to sell you something, don’t you? And those telemarketer phone calls? While in video production, it is important to create videos that keep viewers from thinking that you are only trying to sell them something. Avoid being too promotional and tell a story to connect with your potential customers. Keep them engaged and interested to learn more.

6. Failure to share video
Promotion of your video is just as important as the development process. Sharing your video on YouTube is a great way to start, but utilize all social media platforms along with your website in order to reach as many people as possible. Sending your video out in an email blast and linking it to your website is also a great tactic to keep loyal clients up to date and interested in your business. Any way that you can promote your video should be used to get as much exposure to the public.

7. Visually reinforce your message
When appropriate, reinforce your video message with graphic titles. The power of seeing a word or phrase as well as hearing it will help with retention. When all is said and done, we want the audience to retain something, even it’s a single word or simple phrase. Motion graphic titles can be included in countless creative ways.

8. Sound
Audio components play an imperative role in video production. While voices are used to tell a story and to relay information, sound sets the feel, tone, and mood of your video. Although both elements play important roles, it’s crucial to never let your music overpower your vocals. To avoid this, raise music levels in between scripted dialogue and lower it (probably more than you think you should) when coupled with words. Advanced equipment ensures clear, crisp, and quality sound so that your video seems more professional.

9. Partner
One of the biggest mistakes in video production is selecting the wrong video partner. Choosing the right partner takes time, resources, knowledge, and industry expertise. As a company, you never want to put out a video that is a poor-representation of your business. Let’s face it, your potential customers are going to be critically judging your video and when they see poor quality work, they think your business is poor quality as well. Make every video count!

10.Rushed Editing
Before starting your project, be sure to understand how much time it takes to properly edit a video. Tight timelines often lead to video producers rushing the final editing process making for a messy, unpolished final product. You’re much more prone to overlooking mistakes when too eager to finish your video. So rather than slopping scenes together to meet a deadline, allot an appropriate amount of time to create a refined finished project.