The Golden Apples

Our Top 10 Tips to Successful Video Production

1. Always start with your audience
When creating an engaging and effective video production, it is imperative to ask the question, “Who is our target audience?” Effective marketing is all about tailoring and communicating your message to a specific group. A single product will never appease everyone. Although it may seem risky leaving certain individuals out, you are more likely to get your message across to potential and interested clients. By failing to target your audience properly, your focus may be too broad and will most likely be overlooked. Keep in mind, audiences vary from regions to region. Is your audience a local Pittsburgh audience or a global audience?

2. Have a singular message
Having more than one message in your video can do much more harm than good. With too many points, your audience is often left feeling confused or overwhelmed as to what the main focus of the video is about. Keeping it simple and focusing your message not only holds your audience’s attention, but also allows for more impactful video production. Video is meant to deliver emotion not detail, so show, don’t tell.

3. Create an emotional connection
If you want your viewers to watch and remember your message, you have to connect with them on an emotional level. Most corporate videos tend to be fact and information driven, leaving the audience unaffected. However, when you produce a message that your viewers can personally relate to, it stirs up a more positive response making them likely to remember your video and to take action. A popular way to do this with a local audience is to speak their language so-to-speak. For instance, here in Pittsburgh, references to sports or regional history will capture and keep their attention.

4. Have a vision
Video production allows for a lot of freedom and creativity. Although your main focus is getting the correct message across to your target audience, it is also very important to embody your company’s values and beliefs. Keeping these elements in check uphold your companies brand image while also building a respectable reputation to the public.

5. Show what you know
Why try to explain your company or product when you can actually show people what you’re trying to convey? Video production is a great, effective way to pack a lot of information into a small amount of time. Demonstrating your services is a more visually stimulating way to engage your audience, rather than simply listing or bulleting facts.

6. Customer first
When it comes to video production, the customers should always be your first priority. You want to produce a video that will give your customers an answer to their problems, while explaining how your product or service will solve them. In order to do so, think from a client’s perspective. What are their difficulties? What do they care about? Your customer is the target of your marketing and keeping them first will drive success.

7. Incorporate a call to action
How do you want people to respond to your videos? Do you want them to call, click, order, subscribe or share? By having a call to action, you are providing you clients with the opportunity to participate in your promotion. Guiding your customers towards a specific response will lead to more active engagement.

8. Be in the know with techno
Being up to date with the latest technology in video production automatically gives you the competitive advantage. Having this upper hand not only proves to your audience what a successful, talented business you have, but also gives you the ability to create more appealing and dynamic material. Your video quality should strive to reflect your business capabilities.

9. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Use SEO practices in video production when naming, placing, and endorsing your video. Although many companies are integrating video content into their marketing strategies, many may not place SEO as a high priority. Successfully using SEO improves your business because your video and content are more likely to be found and seen by customers. Failure to implement SEO practices can allow your competitors content to be more prominent than your own. This includes local search terms such as “Pittsburgh video production” as we do here at Apple Box Studios.

10. Keep up with the competition
Collect benchmarks or samples of every cool and clever video project you can find. This is where your future inspiration will come from. Technically, someone is always doing something new. Creatively, someone is always pushing video editing in new and exciting directions.