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Behind the Scenes: Anatomy of Production

We’ve broken down the anatomy of video production into four main stages. Each stage includes guidelines and advices to point you in the right direction when creating a successful motion picture.

Stage 1 – Development
We like to call this our, “get to know you phase.” After a client first requests your services, start building upon their thinking in order to initiate a plan of action.

  • Develop a relationship with client
  • Become knowledgeable about the company
  • Create an idea
  • Make a plan
  • Construct a timeline
  • Set a budget

Stage 2- Pre- Production
This stage in video production is critical as it includes the bulk of planning and preparation before filming begins.

  • Develop a story and script
  • Determine video length
  • Find and secure location
  • Hire talent
  • Communicate with video crew
  • Decide equipment needs
  • Create a production schedule
  • Review clients original proposal
  • Get props and select wardrobe
  • Preview and prepare location

Stage 3 – Production
The production phase is where all your time and efforts come into fruition. The main purpose of this stage is to make you and your client’s visions come to life.

  • Provide meals for crew and talent
  • Keep props and set organized
  • Follow pre-made script
  • Stay on schedule

Stage 4 – Post Production
Post-production allows you to assemble and put the finishing touches on your video project.

  • Allot enough time for editing
  • Select best shots/scenes from filming
  • Add effects/audio/music/etc.
  • Code the video
  • Present project to clients for revisions
  • Release to public/target audience
  • Promote video

Although simple guidelines, we hope these core points will help you delve into the video production process with ease. Following these four stages, while taking the proper time to plan and execute, should lead you to a well-prepared and effective video shoot. Whether you’re a Pittsburgh ad-agency, digital media, or video production company, having a thoroughly planned out production schedule will lead to a successful motion picture. Happy videoing!