The 411 on Video Production

Video Production Ideas, Information & Anecdotes

Apple Box Studios has a long history of creating film and video projects for our clients. You name it—long form, TV spots, social media videos, training videos and more. We’ve done it all. In fact, our name comes from the feature film business. As a value added service to our clients and creative video partners, we are pleased to bring you The Video Vault: a collection of valuable information, resources and lessons learned over the years about all things video.

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The Up & Coming

1. 4K
As 4K resolution becomes the new HD, professionals are predicting this type of video production to become more prominent over the next few years. This 4K technology produces a sharper, clearer image for all pictures and video because of its much-improved resolution. Compared to HD resolution with 1920 x 1080 pixels, 4K has 3840 x 2160 pixels- nearly four times the amount of pixels and resolution. Although many cameras have the capability to record in 4K, it is taking an extended amount of time for consumers to switch from Standard or HD resolutions. However, some recent technology is still not compatible with the new video capabilities, creating a slight technology gap.
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2. Drone/Arial Video
One of the most booming trends in video production involves drone technology. With allowance from the Federal Aviation Administration, drones are now more readily available and permitted to be used with a license. Through an experienced operator, drone technology is a fairly inexpensive way to capture dynamic video footage. Drones have the capability to film aerial views you would never be able to capture on foot. Here at Apple Box Studios, we’ve utilized drone technology to shoot the video Mighty Beautiful Pittsburgh- check it out!
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3. Hyperlapse Video
A hyperlapse video is a sequence of time-lapse videos in addition to small camera movements using motorized sliders. Although time-consuming, these videos create unique and attention-grabbing motion pictures. With camera movements up to a mile in length, hyperlapse videos are bringing elaborate, wide shots and intricate movement into video production.
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4. Shallow Depth of Field
This video production technique has the ability to sharply focus on one subject of a scene while blurring out all other objects in the frame. As shallow depth of field becomes easier to implement, videographers utilize the method to draw viewers’ eyes to a specific point or object on the screen. These high quality videos create stunning images for any video production.
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5. HDR Monitor
HDR, or high dynamic range, is a relatively new technology used on devices that enriches the amount of color that can be seen when making and viewing videos. It allows you to be able to see many more shades of colors, deeper colors, and brighter colors. HDR Monitors help to make your videos look like they are real life and right in front of you. Contrast is a very important factor to consider in HDR devices because it controls the light and darkness in your picture. Color and contrast improvements are what make HDR Monitors produce such a rich and eye-catching video.
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6. Slow Motion
With the help of smartphones, slow motion videos have made a major comeback being one of the top video production trends in 2016. The slow motion feature creates dramatic, unique content that clearly showcases what’s occurring in the clip. Smart phones even give users the ability to determine which section of the video they want normal speed and which section they want in slow motion. This feature may be simple, but it is being used more than ever as it turns fast pace content into an intricate, dynamic video.
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7. Interactive Video
Interactive Video is a type of video production allowing viewers to have a more engaging experience. This creative technique gives consumers the ability to participate by clicking on their screen in order to purchase a product, to take a survey, or to answer a questionnaire. Because of this capability, marketers are able to gain a better insight as to what people think about their products and services, while consumers are involved and entertained at the same time.
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8. Real Time
With apps such as Snapchat, YouTube, Periscope, and Meerkat live-streaming worldwide video content, real time video production has become increasingly popular in 2016. This engaging approach offers a behind-the-scene glimpse into people’s lives, adventures, and news happening all over the world. These live stream videos are a great way to be quickly updated, informed and entertained with a simple tap on your mobile device.
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9. 360 Degree Video
With a simple click of a mouse, 360-degree video production allows viewers to see a scene from any position, angle or view. With top industry names like Disney, Star Wars, GoPro, Google, and Gatorade using 360 technologies, we can expect this video production technique to occur more and more frequently in the years to come. These 360-degree videos create an interactive feel for viewers, making it seem as though they are actually experiencing the event real time.
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10. Short Form Content
Creating short form content videos is one of the biggest trends in video production right now. Any viewer will be driven away by a long and drawn out video, so posting videos that are short and sweet can be much more effective from a marketing point of view. About twenty percent of people click away from a video within the first ten seconds; so keeping your content short can help to retain viewers. These short videos are also great for posting to social media like Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat because they only are able to post short clips, so having this form handy will greatly benefit your social media posts.
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