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Video Production

The video production and post-production services of Apple Box Studios combine extensive experience with scriptwriting, on-set shooting, creative editing, motion graphics, sound design and integrated marketing. The end result is always powerful, meaningful and impactful storytelling.

Over the years, Apple Box Studios has grown to be one of the most respected video production companies in Pennsylvania offering a full range of services from aerial videography to closed captioning and everything in between. We are consistently recognized on many “list of best video production companies in Pittsburgh” rankings.

We would encourage you to call for a free consultation. We’re happy to tell you about our creative process, warn you about the risks inherent in video projects and point you to our clients who will certainly praise our services, creativity and professionalism.

Our Video Services Our Video Services

Each and every project we take on begins with listening. We understand that you have a vision—a result that you are seeking. We help you define this outcome and develop the creative steps to get there. Our video presentations can take many shapes and fulfill many purposes, but they always have an end-purpose in mind.

  • Brand anthems
  • Employee onboarding
  • Capital campaigns
  • Executive Communications
  • Product lunches
  • Event kickoffs
  • Customer testimonials
  • Virtual tours
  • Television commercials
  • Anniversary tributes
  • Recognition videos
  • Aerial videography
  • Tradeshow loops
  • Training programs
  • Social media videos
  • Corporate communications
  • Product tutorials
  • Video white papers
  • Infographics video
  • Documentaries
  • Reality
  • Sales & marketing support
  • Award videos
  • YouTube Videos

Our Clients

Our video production clients include companies, universities, healthcare leaders, technology startups and everything in between. We work with organizations, big and small, including Fortune 500 corporations, local and national non-profits, governments, trade associations, dot.coms and many small businesses right here in Pittsburgh. Our video clients include ANSYS, UPMC, Gateway Rehab, Omnicell, VisitPittsburgh and Teletracking.

If you have questions about starting a project—costs, logistics, talent, timeline, genre—we can quickly provide the answers.

  • Ansys
  • UPMC
  • Gateway Rehab
  • Omnicell
  • VisitPittsburgh
  • Teletracker

Our Creative Approach

he language of video is ubiquitous in today’s culture. Over years of television and now a never ending onslaught of online content—every generation intuitively understands this sophisticated language. The very first rule of video production and creative storytelling is always ‘speak the language.’ When a viewer experiences a video that strays from this language, when they view content that draws attention to itself and away from the story as a whole, the viewer is lost—their attention drifts—or even worse—they move on to the next channel or chunk of media.

The language of motion video has three main creative pillars: emotion, relevance and simplicity. Video is most effective when it is used to evoke emotion and inspire audiences with new and compelling content. With regard to relevance, viewers only identify with messaging they can project themselves on to. They must have some kind of stake or relationship with the content. Identifying this relationship is half the battle. And finally, video is not meant to deliver details. Save that for your annual report. Viewers will only retain one or two main messages from any single video presentation, so make your message count.

A Method to Our Mastery

Bringing all the elements of video production together in a cohesive and compelling presentation is no easy task—moving images, SFX, music, motion text, visual effects, narration, transitions, pacing and style—all these elements must work together to deliver a single message. So how do clients and video producers align expectations when there are so many moving parts? We use benchmarking.

Working in such a creative and abstract industry, it is critical that our clients can visualize the final product. This is done through detailed scriptwriting and video storyboarding, but the best method is benchmarking. In every project, Apple Box Studios will research and gather several video samples that we think represent the look and feel we’re reaching for. Benchmark videos showcase aesthetic complexities that could never be described on paper. While no benchmark is ever perfect, they act as a valuable frame of reference to guide detailed discussions about all the creative possibilities. Using benchmarking as a formal part of our process is one of the reasons Apple Box Studios consistently rates as one of the top video production companies in Pittsburgh.

The Production Journey

  • Consultation
  • Consultation Most new video projects begin with a single phone call. In this initial conversation, we can usually answer all your questions related to the production process including budgeting and scheduling. But first, we might ask you about your audience and your intentions. Once we learn your expectations, we can offer an estimate.
  • Proposal
  • Proposal Apple Box Studios is happy to offer project estimates for both bidding and budgeting purposes. Our video estimates are extremely detailed with line items describing each cost involved. For some challenges, we will also offer creative proposals to win the business.
  • Scripting
  • Scripting Apple Box Studios has written over 1000 video scripts for a variety of genres, uses and audiences. Each one is unique. Our scripts are crafted as visual and aural blueprints to be carefully followed by all those involved in the production.
  • Storyboarding
  • Storyboarding Motion graphics. Kinetic Text. Dynamic infographics. Animated illustrations. Once the script is approved, visually driven projects like these all require creative storyboarding. This process shows the client what to expect and the editor what to deliver.
  • Pre Production
  • Pre Production Before the cameras “roll” on any video shoot, dozens of elements must flawlessly come together—crewing, casting, talent, music, props, extras, meals, staging, logistics, scheduling and yes, even parking. Pre Production comes down to two words—be prepared.
  • Video Production
  • Video Production From aerials to interviews to acting, Apple Box plans and produces video shoots from 2-person to 22-person crews. We shoot locally, regionally, nationally and yes, all over the world. Most importantly, we have fun doing it.
  • Post Production
  • Post Production Our editorial process of known for its frequent and continuous iterations. We simply call it the creative process and it’s what truly makes Apple Box Studios one of the top video production companies in Pittsburgh.
  • Delivery
  • Delivery Our video productions have shown up in Times Square, corporate boardrooms, conference kickoffs, training sessions and airport advertising. Today, our work appears on YouTube, Pandora, Facebook, hundreds of websites and, of course, broadcast television. In other words, we deliver.

Our Founding

Apple Box Studios was founded in 2002 as a video production and website development company. At the time, the “world wide web” as just beginning to emerge as a disruptive force for societal change. Digital technology was advancing at record pace, accelerating the mergers of television, computers and telephony.

Today, we are witnessing the results as YouTube, social media, mobile devices, smart TVs and search are all combining to change how we live our lives. At the center of all of this is video. This has been the story of Apple Box Studios—educating audiences, persuading people and telling thought-provoking stories on behalf of our clients. We continue to do all this with an eye on, and understanding of, the technology that delivers the message.