Apple Box

Video Production


Blueprints for the big picture


A lot of Pittsburgh ad agencies don’t understand the big picture. At Apple Box Studios we perform all aspects of video production, including scriptwriting, which in the grand scheme of things, can be a very big picture! Scriptwriting requires a unique and diverse set of skills such as…

  • A vivid imagination
  • Uncanny sensibilities
  • A diverse collection of life experiences
  • A proud sense of human nature
  • Experience with the medium of television

In addition, the scriptwriter’s role is to create a complete and detailed blueprint for the end product that includes…

  • Motion images
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Text
  • Narration
  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • Design

Most noteworthy is that a motion picture must evoke emotion, prove a premise, and visually communicate your message, rather than detract from it. Let our scriptwriters develop your original story, a story that will touch you as much as your target audience!

Video Production

The science of being prepared


The team at Apple Box Studios produces an incredibly wide variety of motion picture content for the client. As a result, both long-form and short-form productions can be created for any advertising endeavor. This includes:

  • Sales tools
  • Viral videos
  • TV commercials
  • Events and kickoffs
  • Tribute videos

With over 28 years of feature film experience and expertise, we offer the highest video production quality in Western Pennsylvania. We also offer ultra HD commercial projects that capture cost-effective imagery for both offline and online marketing endeavors. Especially relevant online platforms include the following:

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo and more…

As a result of that deep experience, Apple Box Studios has produced motion picture services for organizations that have wanted to “Step Up” their games in the Pittsburgh area like these awesome clients…

Visit The Video Vault to learn why Apple Box Studios is always in motion in the Pittsburgh and Tri-state area!.


The art of juggling infinite possibilities


Editing for video is the art of refining and reshaping countless elements into the perfect whole. As a result, that means blending…

  • Story – Humor – Genre – Brand
  • Pace – Words – Sound – Music
  • Premise – Emotion – Tension – Suspense
  • Style – Transition – Design – Drama
  • Tone – Timing – Seamless visual

As a completely Pittsburgh based ad agency, Apple Box Studios’ carefully balances and coordinates in the service of a single idea. Whether it’s a Pittsburgh-centric idea or a global one, if just one element is out of sync, it draws attention to itself and takes away from the whole, from the end result. Therefore, editing can indeed be the art and the heart of your project.

How do we achieve this end result time and again? The obstacles in between must give way. Here’s just some of what we offer:

  • Cutting-edge motion graphic design
  • 3D animation – sound and music editing,
  • Traditional non-linear – action info-graphics
  • Kinetic text – compositing
  • 50 + years of editing experience

What we do and how we do it is why we pride ourselves in being one of the top video production companies in Pittsburgh.

Aerial Photography

Step up and stun your audience

Aerial Photography

Let’s face it, not many ad agencies in Pittsburgh have the capabilities that Apple Box Studios possesses. One prime example is our aerial UVAC technology (Unmanned Video Aircraft Camera). This technology allows our clients to capture images from perspectives that were previously inaccessible. Places helicopters could never go.

By combining years of cinematography expertise with the latest UVAC technology, we merge exceptional video production capabilities and cutting edge drone expertise with our dynamic Pittsburgh landscapes. This allows us to capture breathtaking pass-by, foreground and tracking shots like never before. Most of all, what may pleasantly surprise you, is the cost.

Call Apple Box Studios today to bring your destination to life with stunning UVAC imagery, and Step Up!