Video Livestreaming 101

Tips from Video Production Veterans on how to Make the Most of Your Livestream

As a marketing agency specializing in video production services for two decades with customers at all corners of the country (and the globe, for that matter). Therefore, we’ve been facilitating professional-grade virtual livestream video long before COVID. Now, thanks to a growing scope of audiences that pandemic-era connections allow us to reach, more people are utilizing livestreaming for customer engagement and connection, corporate videos, even virtual business events. So, if you’re new to this whole thing, we’ve got you covered with some tried and true tips.

 Getting Started

Pick a Platform

For large scale or more professional corporate video streams, we recommend a made-for-streaming platform such as Panopto, Vimeo, or Kaltura. For more casual streaming or to reach a certain audience, social media video streaming may be the way to go.

Start Spreading the News

No matter what platform you choose, make sure you let your target audience know when and how you plan to livestream in advance, so they can tune in!

Getting Ready!

Set the Scene

To hold attention, you’ll need to consider what will make your livestream as aesthetically pleasing as possible. This includes:

  1. Lighting. Ensure there is appropriate front lighting to make the subject look good and that the backlighting doesn’t make the subject of your video appear dark.
  2. Background. A simple, nice background is ideal. Make sure it is clean and minimal, so not to draw focus off the subject.
  3. Clothing. Make sure you’re not choosing anything too busy or flashy, but try not to directly match your background either!
  4. Microphone. Testing…1,2,3! If you’re using any sort of microphone (which we suggest, they’re available for pretty cheap at the most basic form) make sure you test the mic beforehand, and also have some indication of which mics are on (or off) at all times to avoid some…uncomfy situations.
  5. Music. If you choose to use background music, keep your livestream from getting flagged by ensuring that the song you choose is royalty free. There are great sources to find appealing, free music online!


Some streamers recommend having a backup account where you can tune into the live stream from a secondary source, just to make sure everything is running smoothly from the audience’s perspective.

The Main Livestreaming Event


Depending on the platform/occasion, you can engage with your audience, facilitating questions and shouting out viewers who comment. Or, if you know the audience cannot communicate back to you, you can include some comments about that specific occasion…anything to keep them tuned in as long as possible.


We also recommend making a few notes, just to keep you on track. Rehearsing doesn’t hurt either. And don’t forget: look at the camera, not yourself in the monitor or screen!


Once its over, obtain a recording for your socials or for later reference. And… and voila! There you have it. Don’t worry, if you need a little extra help, you can always let us know! Now that you know, happy livestreaming!






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