3 Best SuperBowl Ads of 2017

Boxers Discuss Best SuperBowl Commercials

We couldn’t call ourselves an ad agency if our staff didn’t gather together on February 6th to discuss the wins and the losses. And we’re not talking about the game.

This year, the line-up of brands attempting to make a name for themselves included humorous, heartfelt,  and (a few) political messages. Not everyone achieved what they set out to do, but we do have to give them accolades! The SuperBowl is filled with some pretty tough critics with some of the biggest critics coming delivering feedback to some Pittsburgh companies. The first Pittsburgh company with SuperBowl controversy was 84 Lumber and their “Wall” ad. Rejected by Fox for being “too political”, 84 Lumber achieved a national attention for being told to revise their SuperBowl spot. Demonstrating the toughness proclaimed in their name, 84 Lumber created a slightly “less political” spot, but still encouraged the audience to view the original on a separate site. After a few “minor” web issues, the site is up and running and 84 Lumber gained the brand recognition they were searching for.

84 Lumber’s SuperBowl Spot (Part 1 & 2):

84 Lumber SuperBowl Ad

GNC was also in SuperBowl spotlight, but they did not get the same happy ending as 84 Lumber. Unaware that being placed on the NFL’s list of banned substances would prevent them from submitting spot, GNC was not able to achieve SuperBowl glory this year.

Without further ado here are our favorites … and not so favorites of SuperBowl 51:

3 Favorite SuperBowl Ads:

Christopher Walken and Justin Timberlake for Bai SuperBowl Ad

1.) Christopher Walken & Justin Timberlake for Bai

The perfect blending of the old and the new. With their classic 90s twist on a new product, Bai earned it’s way to the top of SuperBowl ad list.

Avocados are delicious SuperBowl Ad

2.) #AvoSecrets | Avocados from Mexico

You don’t have to “agree to disagree” about how awesome this ad was! If their message was “avocados are delicious”, it was received loud and clear.

Mr. Clean SuperBowl Ad

3.) Mr. Clean

Let’s face it ladies: your fantasy is a husband willing to assist you in house chores. Using their already well-recognized brand, Mr. Clean mopped its way into our list of top SuperBowl ads.

3 Not-So Favorite Ads:

Not So Favorite SuperBowl Ad from Mobile Strike

1.) Mobile Strike

Raise your hand if you don’t understand what video ads are doing in the SuperBowl!

Not-So Favorite SuperBowl Ad from Turkish Airlines

2.) Turkish Airlines

Although we love a good Morgan Freeman, cameo this one was a little lost on us.

Not-So Favorite SuperBowl Ad featuring Olivia Munn for Towel Drop

3.) Olivia Munn: Towel Drop

Again, just because you can use a celebrity spokesperson, doesn’t mean you should.

Honorable Mention:

Honorable Mention SuperBowl Ad from Getaway Car

Getaway Car: It’s Not Surprising

Okay, okay, we know this aired the day after, but, after you watch it, you’ll see why we thought it should have aired during the big game!

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