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Advertising agency creates reality TV show

Room 2 Grow Logo

As Hollywood continues to set up shop in Pittsburgh, a local advertising agency is taking a crack at the reality TV biz Apple Box Studios partnered up with a local artist and his wife to create the pilot episode of Room

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From Video to Vimeo

How to Keep Video Fresh on Emerging Platforms

In an incredibly short amount of time, the way we consume video has drastically changed. Video is now one of the #1 ways people receive content. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. are now covered in (sometimes) unique and stunning examples of

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Video Keeps Rolling

Strap in for a year of GoPros, UVACs and 4K Production

In 2014, three key technological forces combined to keep the creative power and business of video rolling. Today, the use of this impressive trio has proved to CEOs, commercial producers and clients alike that video is no longer a luxury

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